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AnimalSafe supports animal shelters, animal rescue and emergency management organizations
with a unique system of safe, durable, easy to use products.

AnimalSafe is Proud to Introduce the All-New


Brought to you by the leader in animal rescue vehicles, this reengineered 24' unit offers tremendous value with a rich set of features and options. Deliveries begin in the 4th quarter of 2014, so call today to reserve yours!

AnimalSafe (exterior)

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Waldo Canyon Fire

Our experience helping at the Waldo Canyon Fire

Located in Colorado Springs, CO the Waldo Canyon Fire affected many of our members and staff. AnimalSafe was pleased to assist our community and the hard working animal rescue responders during this disaster by providing our products for use, free of charge. The Waldo Canyon Fire video is made up of footage and recorded radio taken by members of our team during the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Animal Rescue Trailers
and Mobile Command Posts

AnimalSafe is an original animal sheltering system designed specifically to help animal shelters and emergency management teams address the unique challenges that they face. Unlike less versatile and more expensive solutions, AnimalSafe utilizes innovative, cost-effective designs.

The key to the AnimalSafe system is our lightweight, stackable animal enclosures. This ability to easily stack and relocate enclosures transforms our trailers into ideal emergency sheltering or quarantine holding areas. The AnimalSafe system creates an organized environment that allow you to accomplish more with less animal sheltering equipment, where and when you need it.

With over 25 years of experience setting the healthy standard in animal enclosures, all of our products are designed for the safety of animals and people above anything else. In fact, our enclosure system is so safe that it removes the need for certified handlers, allowing you to utilize everyday volunteers. Further, built-in climate control and electrical systems allow you to maintain a comfortable, safe environment for animals that will reduce their stress and allow for easier handling and care.

Because the AnimalSafe Animal Rescue Trailer is built around interchangeable enclosures, it eliminates the need for various different kinds of cages and expensive animal transport trucks. This presents a significant cost reduction and allows you to make the most of your budget. All of our products are made and inspected in the United States with domestic materials, ensuring quick turnarounds and durable equipment.

In emergent situations, the survival of both animals and people is determined by how well you are able to adjust to the needs of any given situation. Rather than losing precious time or doing without, AnimalSafe’s animal sheltering system will equip you to face any disaster or animal rescue operation.

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