About Us

Mission Statement

AnimalSafe is dedicated to supporting animal rescue and emergency management organizations with quality products, customer service, and innovative solutions that enhance their ability to perform in the field. We manufacture a variety of advanced, multi-use disaster relief shelters, animal rescue equipment, and animal co-locating solutions characterized by versatility, durability, safety, and comfort.

25 Years of Innovation

AnimalSafe was developed when the need for evacuating and co-locating animals with their owners next to an evacuation shelter was recognized. The AnimalSafe solution is the combination of Companion Habitats’ 25 years of experience maintaining a healthy standard in animal enclosures and our innovative manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

We are strongly committed to being a leader and innovator in animal rescue and colocating solutions. Our design staff offers over 50 years of combined experience, and possesses an ability to transform visions and concepts into versatile, durable products has helped establish our reputation as a leader in the emergency response industry.

Today AnimalSafe has developed a solution for co-locating animals during evacuations as well as manufacturing optimal animal rescue equipment and products that support emergency management organizations across the United States. Our products and services have helped these organizations to be more effective in their endeavors, help a greater number of people and animals, and make the most out of funding.