AnimalSafe Redesigns Multifunction Trailer

After a few successful years of producing and delivering our high-quality, multi-purpose rescue trailer, we decided to head back to the drawing board. We had designed the original model using our two decades of pet habitat experience, so while our customers were delighted, they also had a few suggestions after using the AnimalSafe trailer in the field. As usual, our eager designers used the suggestions as a framework (and an excuse) to redesign our product from the bottom up!

The 2015 AnimalSafe trailer is many things: modular, flexible, multifunction, feature-packed, and laser-focused on details and the highest of quality.

The trailer’s modular rack system allows it to be converted – in minutes – to any number of configurations: animal rescue trailer, mobile adoption center, mobile animal shelter, mobile quarantine unit, or mobile veterinary clinic. Removing the kennels completely and replacing them with desks, chairs and bunks results in a more-than-capable mobile command center.

The kennels themselves have also been redesigned. Previously, the stacks of kennels were secured to the inside of the trailer with straps. Now the kennels, lighter and more secure than the previous design, can be hooked directly into the trailer walls without a need for securing any straps.

In addition to the kennels, we offer other packages of modular equipment. One wall of kennels allows you to use desks (sitting or standing) on the opposite wall for administrative or emergency management purposes. Using both walls with kennels is perfect for large-scale pet evacuations or unfortunate hoarding incidents. A front compartment is separated by sliding doors, and is equipped with a sink and electrical hookups – our Medical Exam and Treatment Package turns it into an effective mobile veterinary clinic or surgical center.

Of course, the list of updates continues, and is far too long to capture here. Head on over to our Specifications Sheet or Feature List to peruse the changes yourself, noting how every detail has been attended to.

As before, the AnimalSafe unit can fill any mobile need that your animal or disaster management organization might have. In 2015, you can expect a superior product, with renewed attention to detail, responsiveness to customer feedback, and no expense spared. We look forward to answering your questions about our redesign, and meeting with you to discuss your needs!